Welcome to new Davar homepage!

Davar4 is scriptures study tool. You can browse texts, compare and search in user friendly interface. If you prefer to work with original languages as Hebrew and Greek, you can use dictionaries and lexicons. You can open also commentaries and references for deep study of texts. If you need, you can create own notes. Some texts are available as audio narration and you can read and hear together. A lot of pictures, maps, charts and photos can be opened. If you have tablet with MS Windows, program can be switched to tablet mode and use gestures. Advanced users can create own modules for program using MDK tools.

After release of Davar3 (2008) and some program updates, decision was made to rewrite all program. Main reason was missing Unicode support in Davar3 and thus serious problems to display some texts (Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc). Another reason was to abandon own (opened) file formats of modules, learn SQLite3 and profit from SQL database - add/edit/delete records is very easy to implement.

In present, Davar4 is well stable and tested piece of software, coming out of alpha-version testing. There are still not finished features and things, which needs to be polished. But according our and tester's experiences, it can offer more features than (unsupported) Davar3 version.

It is time, after a lot of work and time passed to welcome you to try upcoming Davar4 version.