DAVAR information and "bug"...

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DAVAR information and "bug"...

Postby kepler » Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:16 pm

Dear Mr. Joseph,

I would like to give you my compliments for the programming of the Davar 4 - it's quite good, in my opinion.

However, I'm writing to you to request some additional information about some modules you have available.

The first is the [HINT] Hebrew Interlinear Bible with Strongs.
The second is the [IGNT] Interlinear Greek New Testament.

Can you please tell me:

1) How accurate are these texts in the Strong's correspondence?

2) Which original texts were used in their elaboration?

The IGNT seems to derive from (in the Davar notes):

- Interlinear Greek New Testament prepared from 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus: Prepared by Larry Pierce & Maurice A. Robinson, Ph.D. Copyright (c) 1997, Winterbourne, Ont.
But is it the text exactly similar - with no changes - to Textus Receptus?

- The hebrew text, however, only refers that is the Hebrew OT, but does not specifies which version (Leningrad Codex?)

Another note, if I may, is that BHS unaccented with Strongs, for instance, only shows the Strog's numbers (not the text) in Nehemias 7:68 for instance - there are gaps.

I'm very sorry to disturb you.

Kind regards,

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Re: DAVAR information and "bug"...

Postby admin » Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:09 am

there are a lot of texts, which I take from another sources or programs - I export it and convert to Davar. Two texts which you ask are both this kind.

HINT is work some person, who took text from E-Sword--->The Word-->To Davar. So, it was already in bible software. I briefly checked if module is stable and if do not have problems with pairing of tags. When all worked OK, I included it into Davar.

IGNT is same, used from Online Bible software and converted. I do not have more information then was provided in info text, which I took completely.

Thanks for bhs+ and reporting Neh 7:68 missing text, I will prepare update. If you know about more problematic places, let me know please.
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