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What is DAVAR 2.4:

DAVAR 2.4 is a free hebrew dictionary/lexicon, running on Windows95/98/ME/NT/W2000/XP platform. It can be a helpful tool for study of Old Testament language as well as modern ivrit. Development of program is finished - if you need enhanced version suitable for Scripture studies - then look to DAVAR3 version

DAVAR 2.4 works in two modes:

Dictionary mode:
You can open three bidirectional dictionaries (files *.he2, *.2he). This is word->word translation. You can mark each record by one char, e.g. "R" for "root" and then use this as filter. It's possible to merge dictionaries and use function "Erase duplicate words" if necessary.

Lexicon mode:
It's way how to be near to "paper book". You can open three lexicons (*.lex), always from hebrew language. For each hebrew word, you have about 30 kB of space for explanation.
Generally, this space is divided to heading and description part. Heading can hold 0-10 items, e.g. "Word: ", "Strong: ", "Gramm.:" of mixed hebrew text. In description part, you have explanation of word, using, examples. It's also possible to mix english/hebrew text.
You can use fulltext search in lexicon by hebrew or english key. It is possible to specify which part of lexicon ("Word", "Strong",...) will be searched.

Davar can open six book files of Hebrew or non-Hebrew texts. Is is possible to browse texts, synchronize view and perform fulltext search in book. There is navigation window in toolbar for easy move in book. You can search for Hebrew or non-Hebrew text, use '*' and '?' for wildcard search and use options "Match whole words" and "Ignore Hebrew vocalization". The results of the search are displayed in results window, matched pattern is colored.

Finished features:

  • DAVAR can open 3 bidirectional dictionaries/lexicones and 6 books
  • Create new dictionary/lexicon, add/edit/delete words
  • Change title of dictionary/lexicon
  • Kvadratic and script hebrew characters
  • Create opposite dictionary
  • Delete duplicate words in dictionary
  • Merge dictionaries
  • Search for user defined types of the words in dictionary
  • Toolbars for commands
  • Font and colors setting
  • Fast search
  • Hebrew keyboard support
  • Autosave configuration on exit
  • Tooltips
  • Fulltext search (hebrew or english) in selected part of lexicon
  • Copy/paste of lexicon text to wordpad
  • Pop-up menu for fast navigation in lexicone
  • Export dictionary or lexicon to RTF format for print
  • Wheel mouse support
  • Navigation window for move in book
  • Fulltext search (hebrew or english) in selected part of book
  • Print one or more books and results of the searching, print preview
  • Help file and tutorial
  • Calculate numeric value of selected hebrew text
  • Quick open of the book
  • Run from CD media.
  • Export dictionary to mdd format to run on Siemens mobile phones

DAVAR is freeware!

Screenshot of DAVAR: (dictionary mode)

Screenshot of DAVAR dictionary

Screenshot of DAVAR: (lexicon mode with pop-up window)

Screenshot of DAVAR lexicon with pop-up window

Screenshot of DAVAR: (dictionary mode with pop-up window, opened Biblia Hebraica and King James Bible)

Screenshot of DAVAR dictionary with pop-up window, opened Biblia Hebraica and King James Bible

Screenshot of DAVAR 2.3: (lexicon mode with pop-up window shows available books for quick open)

Screenshot of DAVAR 2.3 - lexicon mode with pop-up window shows available books for quick open

Screenshot of mDAVAR - mobile version of Davar for Siemens phones:

mDAVAR starts English-Hebrew dictionary Hebrew-English dictionary Entering of Hebrew word for search